Chevron recently opened the doors to a newly renovated community center in the village of Horodysko, in southeast Poland, where we are exploring for natural gas from shale.

At the unveiling, Chevron’s Poland country manager, John Claussen, and other experts discussed the company’s work in the area with residents of Horodysko and the nearby village of Rakołupy. Chevron’s plans include a diagnostic fracturing injection test to help determine the content of natural gas in the area’s shale rock formations.

“Honest and timely communication is a key component of Chevron’s community interactions,” Claussen said. “We understand that the local residents have expectations and questions surrounding the development of natural gas from shale, and we are addressing these through frequent consultation with our local stakeholders.”

The refurbished community centre is part of a community engagement program that also included the construction of two pedestrian crossings near the local primary school and improvements to local roads.

“We are working closely with the communities to ensure we direct resources towards issues that are important to the people who live there– supporting and investing in projects that will provide benefits for years to come,” Claussen said.

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