Document Control

£500 per day

•Document controller with 10-12 years of experience in offshore project.

•Qualification – BE/DME with 10-12 years exp.

•Software skill set – IFS, STID, Procosys, eRoom, SAP & Livelink

•Language – English & Norwegian


Job Setter

£500 per day

•Experience within job-setting in IFS is required.

•Job setting of hook-up on EKOL LQ

•All direct work shall be described in a job package.

•The job package shall contain job front page, job description, required drawings/docs, necessary info regarding safe execution, and verification of the work.

•All materials required for doing the job, shall be identified in the job package.



£500 per day

•Establish the completion systems in ProCoSys and keep the status up to date.-Give input to Engineering to ensure that the design is in accordance with the completion commissioning activities in the project.

•SPECIFIC: Project Execution-Establish the plan for the completion activities, including activity descriptions, activity durations, activity sequencing and dependencies, man hour estimates and milestones, at level 4.

•Monitor and report the progress of completion and commissioning assistance activities; identify and report any deviations and implement corrective actions

•Establishing the extent and content of the completion systems and part systems.-Establish the commissioning administration system in ProCosys and populate it with all tags, check records, etc and keep the status up to date as the physical work proceeds.

•Give input to Engineering to ensure that the design is in accordance with the completion and commissioning requirements and participate in HAZOP reviews and other relevant design reviews.

•Prepare the Commissioning Procedures in parallel with the Engineering work.


Instrument Engineer

£500 per day

•Prepare, update and maintain instrument datasheets for: Instrument & mechanical packages

•Critical items (typically in-line equipment), non-critical items.

•Prepare instrument package specifications as needed.

•Prepare instrument loop documents – loop design.

•Assist with field design (cabling, terminations -JB and field instruments, cable/tray routings, and instrument layout).

•Work with Instrument Index.


Safety Automated Engineer

£500 per day

•Should be able to prepare SAS functional specifications using Process descriptions and specifications as basis for design.

•Should be able to understand and update System Control Diagrams, Hierarchy diagrams and Cause and Effect diagrams.

•Familiar with process control systems and different hardware types.

•Able to liaise with SAS programmer to clarify produced documents.

•Understanding of ESD, PSD and PCS.

•Familiar with NORSOK Standards.