The Nordic Explorer has completed acquisition of 2D seismic data off the Jan Mayen region between Norway and Iceland.

Since the operation started on June 5, 9,470 km (5,884 mi) of seismic data has been acquired. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) commissioned the program.

Sissel Eriksen, NPD’s director of exploration, said: “The acquisition has exceeded all expectations. We have achieved high production with zero disruptions.

“The areas being surveyed this summer are not open for petroleum activities, and we know little about the subsurface there. This mapping will provide us with important knowledge about these areas of the Norwegian shelf.”

The seismic data has been transmitted continuously to a center for further processing and then interpreted by NPD’s geologists.

Under another NPD-commissioned far north survey, the Artemis Atlantic has started 2D seismic acquisition in the northeastern part of the Barents Sea. A total of 14,300 km (8,885 mi), or 40 lines, of seismic will be acquired in this area, with work set to continue through mid-October. The area surveyed is in previously disputed waters along the median line with Russia. Acquisition is being conducted on assignment from Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

During the summer and fall, NPD expects to acquire 30,000 km (18,641 mi) of seismic data in the Barents Sea, off Jan Mayen, and in the Nordland IV and V areas.