A drive to provide a new lease of life for North Sea oil and gas exploration and production will get under way on Monday with the publication of an interim report on the opportunities and challenges facing companies and the government.

The report from a team headed by Sir Ian Wood, former chairman and chief executive of Aberdeen based Wood Group, one of the most successful North Sea suppliers, will outline prospects for increasing output and investment.

Ed Davey, Energy Secretary, who asked Sir Ian in June to review offshore oil and gas production and its regulation, describes the report as a “once in a generation opportunity” to boost the industry for another 30 years.

Sir Ian is expected to provide new estimates suggesting technology and improved efficiency can increase recovery beyond the remaining 20bn barrels of oil that could still be produced.

More than 40bn have been produced so far but production has been falling over the last 13 years. The government is anxious to revive growth to increase security of supply and provide a fresh boost for gas and is disappointed by the slower than expected pick-up in output forecast by the industry after a row over taxes and incentives.

Early evidence presented to Sir Ian showed the complexities of further development in a mature oil province were leading to delays, smaller projects and the loss of a significant number of recovery projects.

He was also told an increasing number of disputes between operators over access to existing pipelines and other facilities reduced development of field clusters.

An increasing diverse mix of operators, many of them small players with limited experience has added to the problems and while investment has risen rapidly in the last two years Sir Ian is concerned to arrest a steep fall in production over the last two years and a similar slide in exploration.