Scotland’s oil and gas industry enjoys a global reputation for dynamism, drive, vision and innovation.

Decades of experience recovering oil and gas from the challenging North Sea has given Scottish companies the expertise needed for oil and gas production and exploration.

Our oil and gas sector offers a huge range of opportunities for your company. Scottish companies can harvest the gains from trading internationally and international companies can reap the benefit of investing in Scotland.

The Scottish energy community has had a major impact in the global market place thanks to unrivalled innovation, knowledge and expertise.

Scotland’s oil and gas industry – an overview

Scotland’s long term oil and gas prospects remain healthy:

•North Sea oil reserves stand at two billion tonnes of oil – as much has been produced over the last 25 years

•Scotland’s gas fields contain a maximum remaining reserve of 1330 billion cubic metres

•Scotland’s oil and gas companies are increasingly exporting their proven expertise to global markets

•Scotland’s vast experience in subsea technology means Scottish technology is being used to discover new oil field across the world

•Scotland’s oil and gas industry generated a record £15.4 billion in export sales from 2008 to 2009, an 8.3 percent increase

•More than 150,000 people (six percent of the working population) are employed by over 2000 companies in Scotland’s oil and gas sector

•Scotland’s oil and gas workforce benefits from five training and research centres