The well is targeting 43 billion cubic feet of gross mean prospective resource and is expected to take about 40 days to drill using the drilling rig HDI Leonardo Drillmec HH220.

The La Tosca prospect was identified on 3D seismic and lies about two kilometres to the north-east of the Alfonsine gas field.

Permit partner Orca Exploration is funding 100% of the well costs up to the first €4.3 million ($5.3 million) and 70% thereafter for the drilling phase, together with back-in costs of €600,000 to earn a 70% interest in the Longastrino permit.

If the La Tosca-1 well is tested and completed, Orca will gain an additional 5% interest by funding 100% of the testing costs up to €1.3 million and 75% thereafter.